A Simple Beginners Mindfulness Course For Navigating The 21st Century.

In this quick mindfulness course you will learn three simple methods for living, finding happiness, and finding peace of mind in our modern world.  They are methods that you can start using today.

In the world of information overload, someone is always vying to steal your attention and influence your decisions.  Self-Awareness will be an essential skill in the age of algorithms and artificial intelligence.


Begin Your Hero's Journey Of Self Discovery


Vibrant community

Not only do you get access to our proven course content – you also become part of our vibrant community who are here to help and support you and everyone else on your journey! In addition for purchasing the course you will get a one-on-one Zoom call wtih Rich Decker.  The course creator and Founder and Lead Facilitator at Mindful Accord LLC. 

Join today for just $27!